1st – 8th Grade

St. Joseph School Provides the Finest Academic & Spiritual Education

At St. Joseph School, our students learn to be the BEST they can be!  From challenging curriculums to  creative learning environments, our students thrive in the St. Joseph School environment.  Take a look at our students at work throughout the year at SJS…..just click the links below to see our students!

Meet our 1st graders led by Mrs. Young

Happy Campers in 1st Grade

Meet the Superheroes in 2nd Grade with Mrs. Phad

2nd grade Year in Review

Travel with our 3rd Grade Travelers with Miss Hertzog

Travel through the Year with SJS 3rd Graders

Sailing through at SJS with 4th Graders and Mrs. Hoersch

Sail through 4th Grade at SJS

5th Grade’s View of SJS with Mrs. Pinta

A view of SJS from 5th Grade

6th Grade Stars

6th grade

7th Grade Shining Brightly

7th Grade at SJS

SJS Class of 2017- Year in Review

A Year in Review with 8th Grade