Early Childhood Program

GREAT Beginnings Never End……

girls blakeThe St. Joseph School Early Childhood Program is an excellent opportunity for children aged three to five to develop the skills necessary to be life-long learners.  We provide an atmosphere that is engaging and encourages children’s overall development. Our curriculum is age appropriate and fosters growth in all curriculum areas, including Religion, Math, Language Arts, Technology, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education.  Our day includes prayer, creativity and exploration, independent and group activities, all of which nurture a sense of respect for themselves and others.

The SJS Early Childhood Philosophy Is Based on the Following Principles

  • Children are capable, strong, and able to problem-solve, and must have opportunities to collaborate and share with their peers.
  • Children learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing.
  • Children learn through collaborating and forming relationships with one another and by manipulating materials in their environment, thus providing endless opportunities for expression.

IMG_20170113_193211 (2)Most Importantly…….We LEARN to LOVE the LORD!

We pray together…..

We learn about our loving God….

We give thanks for His many blessings…….

We grow together in FAITH!

Contact SJS to learn more about the loving environment waiting for your 3 and 4 Year Olds today!

815-838-8173 or Contact Mrs. Babich at Lbabich@stjoeschool.com

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Early Childhood Application 2017-2018