The Best Kept Promise

St. Joseph School is no longer the BEST kept secret in Lockport… We are the BEST kept promise… recognized by the US Department of Education with the highest honor an American school can achieve as a 2010 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Nationally Distinguished Pastor, and Nationally Awarded Principal! That’s right….St. Joseph School has received 3 National Awards in five years! St. Joseph School is the only school in the area and state to take this TOP honor!

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Triple Crown-SJS National Awards

National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence since 2010

In September, 2010, St. Joseph was one of 300 schools across the nation to receive the prestigious 2010 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award. This award from the US Department of Education affirms what we have known at St. Joseph School for a long time. Our parish school is one of the top performing schools in the nation and a model for others to follow. To qualify for this award, St. Joseph school must be in the TOP TEN percent of the nation in reading and math scores along with a demonstrated academic program of success. For almost 130 years, St. Joseph School has been successfully preparing children for their future with a strong Catholic faith, excellence in academics and commitment to the community and the world. Research has demonstrated that Catholic school students have higher graduation rates than public and other private schools, consistently score well on standardized tests, and perform better than other students in civic engagement and community service. At St. Joseph, our alumni continue to demonstrate these qualities. We simply make better citizens and offer the best path to success in life. Join our St. Joseph Family and your child will experience the promise of a future filled with spiritual formation, morals and values, and a life-long love of learning at St. Joseph!

2015 Award Winning Pastor, Fr. GREG

In 2015, Fr. Gregory Rothfuchs was awarded the Nationally Distinguished Pastor Award from the National Catholic Education Association. Fr. Gregory was one of 12 pastors out of 5000 pastors to receive this honor. As a strong supporter of Catholic education, Fr. Greg continues to create an environment where spiritual and academic excellence thrive. Click on the link below to learn more about Fr. Greg’s award.

2015 Distinguished Pastor

2016 Award Winning Principal

In 2016, Miss Lynne Scheffler will be awarded with the Lead, Learn, and Proclaim Award from the National Catholic Education Association. Miss Scheffler is one of 32 honorees and one of eight principals to receive this prestigious honor. Click on the link below to learn about Miss Scheffler’s award.

NCEA-Lead, Learn, & Proclaim Award

Come see “The Best Kept PROMISE in Lockport!” Please call the SJS School Office at 815-838-8173 to take a tour and learn more about SJS!

Open registration for the 2016-2017 school year is now available for:


Preschool 3 Year Old Morning and Full Day Sessions
Pre-Kindergarten 4 Year Old Morning and Full Day Sessions
Kindergarten-Full Day
1st Grade- 8th Grade

St. Joseph School offers school tours upon request.
Contact Miss Scheffler at 815-838-8173 for more information

St. Joseph School warmly invites your family to be a part of our family! Please share this information with family & friends and invite them to contact the principal, Miss Scheffler for additional information or private tours at 815-838-8173 or take an on-line tour at our website

How do you explain the St. Joseph experience? We asked our parents to explain SJS in 10 words or less. Read on to see what our current parents say about SJS!

St. Joseph School is…..

  • “Home”
  • “A spiritual place with academic excellence and a compassionate staff!”
  • “Welcoming, warm environment filled with love. Kids grow here.”
  • “If your child is attending SJS you can be sure that not only is he/she getting a very good education but, is also learning the importance of following God’s example.”
  • “A place where knowledge and spiritually are equally nurtured.”
  • “A wonderful, close community that is positive and instills how important our faith still is!”
  • “It’s faith-based, family orientated environment—experience it in person. You will be impressed!”
  • “SJS is a warm, caring and friendly environment for our whole family”
  • “You won’t ever regret your decision to go with St. Joe’s.”
  • “St. Joseph School loves your children like they are their own.”
  • “St. Joe School is a very loving atmosphere the teachers and principal really do care for your children. The education the children get ever at a young age is remarkable.”
  • “I only need two words……………the Best!”

When making the choice of schools for your child, you are making a decision that significantly affects your child’s life and the future of our world. Why chose St. Joseph School? When we asked our parents about the decision to join the St. Joseph family and why they continue to stay, we knew that St. Joseph delivers the promise of a bright future filled with faith! Read on to learn what our parents are saying!

    • “The St. Joseph School community and family-oriented feeling of the school really impressed us. Also, we didn’t feel “lost” in a huge public school. We wanted our son to feel very much a part of a family atmosphere and to know almost everyone. Also, the academic advantage of a Catholic School was foremost in our minds. Spiritual learning begins at home, but a Catholic School enhances that teaching and we feel teaches personal discipline that a public school just cannot equal.”
    • “We like the fact that it is a small school and everyone knows everyone – like a family. It’s important to start and end each day with prayer and learn about religion every day.”
    • “I choose St. Joseph School because of the warm family atmosphere. I felt the minute I walked in the first time. We had experienced three different schools and had never felt at home as we do here at St. Joseph.”
    • “We continue here at St. Joseph because we couldn’t even imagine not being here. Every year and school milestone is anticipated by my children, husband, and myself. We are safe and thriving and home”
    • “We continue to be a part of the SJS family because there is no better place to help us raise our sons. With strong morals and a solid spiritual belief system. It is very important, especially because I have two boys, to raise them to be said, responsible, loving and faithful people. There is no better place to do that than SJS. It takes a village to raise a child – the important thing as a parent is to find the right village and SJS is it!”
    • “I love the church and have been a parishioner since I was a young child. I love the sense of familiarity in both the parish and the school. I feel a sense of community with other parents and a sense of security as well.”
    • “We chose SJS after attending an Open House. Miss Scheffler, the principal, was our host. She was so passionate about her school and her children. I was sold! ”

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